In 1973, the Gay Synagogue was felt to be enough of an oddity…

Getting Organized

In the beginning, CBST's organization amounted to no more than…

Searching for a Home

Throughout its 34 year history, CBST has been searching for a space…

Outside Interests

CBST hosted the 2nd annual conference of gay Jews...


Israeli folk dancing was a frequent entertainment...

AIDS Arrives

Michael Levien was CBST’s first member to die of AIDS...

Getting Organized

In the beginning, CBST’s organization amounted to no more than a commitment on the part of a dozen or so people to meet for the Friday evening service at the Church of the Holy Apostles annex, with someone bringing the requisite ritual items and someone agreeing to lead the service. Soon, though, an eight person steering committee was formed and a checking account opened. By the Fall of CBST’s first year, 1973, membership had grown to over 50 and it was apparent that the synagogue needed to incorporate. Papers were signed by the steering committee on November 30 and filed on December 5, 1973.

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CBST’s incorporation certificate, November 30, 1973, 2 pages.