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Clergy and Homosexual Persons Converge in San Francisco

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A New Urban Ministry

As social change erupted, cities became a testing ground…

Homosexual Organizations

Homosexuals had been moving to urban areas since the 1950's…

Violence and Oppression

In his outreach on the streets of San Francisco…


National Methodist leaders agreed to support a convening…


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A New Urban Ministry

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A New Urban Ministry

As social change erupted across the U.S. in the early 1960s, cities became the testing ground for new social models. Progressive clergymen took to the streets to connect their ministries with marginalized persons. The Glide Urban Center in San Francisco exemplified this new urban ministry. This downtown Methodist church with a small congregation was transformed in 1962 when the board of its endowment fund hired the Rev. Lewis Durham. Durham hired three other young clergymen, Ted McIlvenna, Cecil Williams and Don Kuhn, to develop and staff programs for the Glide Urban Center.

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Glide Worship Program for First Sermon in Homosexuality Series by Rev. John Moore



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Worship bulletin of Glide Memorial Methodist Church, January 18, 1965. Donald S. Lucas Papers.