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Clergy and Homosexual Persons Converge in San Francisco

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A New Urban Ministry

As social change erupted, cities became a testing ground…

Homosexual Organizations

Homosexuals had been moving to urban areas since the 1950's…

Violence and Oppression

In his outreach on the streets of San Francisco…


National Methodist leaders agreed to support a convening…


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Homosexual Organizations

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Homosexual Organizations

Homosexual men and women had been moving to urban areas since the 1950s for greater anonymity as well as to meet kindred persons. Faced with severe social oppression if identified, some persons organized groups for social interaction and mutual support. In 1964, there were four such organizations in San Francisco: the Mattachine Society, the Daughters of Bilitis, the League for Civil Education and the Tavern Guild. The Society for Individual Rights was organized in mid-1964.

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