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Police Raid at New Year's Day Ball at California Hall

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Room Introduction

Dance Functions

Private dances were important events during the 1960's…

CRH Benefit Dance

Homophile groups decided to show their support for CRH…


Police harassment of homosexual gatherings was commonplace…

Police Raid

As guests began to arrive, police officers appeared…

Persons Arrested

San Francisco police arrested six persons that evening…


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Police Raid

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Police Raid

As guests began to arrive at California Hall for the New Year’s Day Ball, dozens of police officers appeared in the street with kleig lights and cameras. Police officers periodically entered the hall on the pretense of making an inspection. In the face of such harassment, many persons undoubtedly turned back from approaching California Hall. However, more than 500 persons–including a number of clergymen and their wives–ignored or endured this attempted persecution and entered the dance.

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Couple Approaching Entrance to California Hall

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San Francisco Examiner photographer Ray “Scotty” Morris, January 1, 1965.