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Clergy Express Outrage and Spark Resistance

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Press Conference

CRH clergy held a press conference the morning after the ball…

Public Outcry

Coverage of the press conference sparked public debate…


The debate galvanized gays and lesbians to new levels of…

Public Trials

Public attention followed the trial of the three lawyers…


The California Hall affair is recognized as a major turning point…


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Public Trials

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Trials in the Public Eye

Public attention followed the trial of the three lawyers and “ticket-taker” Nancy May six weeks later. The trial helped expose the unwarranted actions of the police and resulted in the judge ordering a verdict of not guilty. In a later trial that did not receive such widespread attention, the two men arrested for disorderly conduct were convicted.

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Chronicle Article

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Herb Donaldson Recalls Widespread Legal Support, Including the ACLU, for the Trial

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From “Shedding a StraightJacket” produced by GLBT Historical Society, October 1996; Paul Gabriel, videographer and curator; Edd Dundas, editor and duplicator.