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In response to its sudden prominence, CRH became…

Brief of Injustices

CRH leaders composed an "indictment of our society…

Extending Influence

As a unique clergy and homosexual activist coalition…


CRH filled a void in published resources on homosexuality…


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Hubbub of Meetings and Activities

In response to its sudden prominence as a result of the California Hall incident, CRH became a whirlwind of activity in early 1965. Clergy and homosexual activists worked together to identify and implement the group’s mission, mobilize actions to further justice for homosexual persons, fulfill media and public speaking requests, and establish links in other cities. CRH members passed out a flyer, “Every 10th Persons Is a Homosexual” at the California State Fair that summer and organized a first-ever Candidates’ Night in San Francisco with a largely homosexual audience.

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Lyon-Martin Witness




Minutes of CRH Membership Meeting on January 5, 1965


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Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin Papers.