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In response to its sudden prominence, CRH became…

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CRH leaders composed an "indictment of our society…

Extending Influence

As a unique clergy and homosexual activist coalition…


CRH filled a void in published resources on homosexuality…


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Extending Influence

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Influence Extends Beyond San Francisco

Homosexual persons and issues were beginning to publicly emerge in U.S. society in the mid-1960s. As a unique clergy and homosexual activist coalition with a high public profile, CRH was flooded with inquiries from media persons writing stories or documentaries, other homosexual advocacy groups needing assistance developing religious support, and individual gay and lesbian persons seeking guidance and affirmation. CRH-like groups began in several other U.S. cities and in Canada. CRH was active in regional and national coalitions of homophile organizations being formed in the U.S. Ted McIlvenna and Don Lucas represented CRH as presenters at the Consultation on the Church, Society and the Homosexual in London on August, 1966.

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Letter Reporting the Formation of the Canadian Council on Religion and the Homosexual

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