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In response to its sudden prominence, CRH became…

Brief of Injustices

CRH leaders composed an "indictment of our society…

Extending Influence

As a unique clergy and homosexual activist coalition…


CRH filled a void in published resources on homosexuality…


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Becomes Resource Publishing Agency

CRH filled a void in published educational resources on homosexuality in the U.S. CRH published The Church and the Homosexual (see “Dialogue” in first room in this exhibit) that reported the Mill Valley consultation that spawned CRH in detail so as to model how religious leaders and homosexual persons could be in dialogue. CRH also published The Brief of Injustices (above) in its first year to educate the public about the legal repression faced by homosexual persons. In 1968 CRH published The Challenge and Progress of Homosexual Law Reform that analyzed the current state of legal reform regarding homosexuality in the U.S. and England. CRH also published CRH:1964-1968 that documented and promoted CRH’s myriad accomplishments.

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The Challenge and Progress of Homosexual Law Reform (38 pages)



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Published by the Council on Religion and the Homosexual, Daughters of Bilitis, Society for Individual Rights, and Tavern Guild of San Francisco, 1968. From private papers of James Waller.


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