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In the fall of 1968, CRH held its first symposium on "The Lifestyle…

CRH Remembered

CRH was the first coalition of religious and homosexual activisits…

CRH Honored

The GLBT Historical Society of Northern California honored…


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CRH Remembered

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CRH Remembered

The Council on Religion and the Homosexual was the first coalition of religious and homosexual activists to receive widespread visibility in the U.S. At the local level, CRH initiated a number of programs that have served LGBT persons in San Francisco over the years. Within the religious sphere, CRH provided the impetus that moved many leaders to become advocates for LGBT persons. However, CRH appears to be best remembered in the LGBT community of San Francisco for its role in the California Hall incident on January 1, 1965.

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Remember California Hall by Frank Fitch


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Published in Vector, February 1973, pages 32-35. From private papers of Chuck Lewis.


Repository: Private Collection