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In the fall of 1968, CRH held its first symposium on "The Lifestyle…

CRH Remembered

CRH was the first coalition of religious and homosexual activisits…

CRH Honored

The GLBT Historical Society of Northern California honored…


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CRH Honored

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CRH Honored

Historian Paul Gabriel, in conjunction with the Gay & Lesbian (now the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) Historical Society, did extensive research about CRH in the mid-1990s, including collecting many oral histories. The Historical Society honored CRH at its annual dinner in 1998. A significant number of the original CRH leaders were present at this gala event to be recognized for their valuable historical contributions.

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GLHS 1998 Dinner Photo of 1960s Glide Church Personnel

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(left to right): Paul Gabriel (GLHS), Lloyd Wake, Don Kuhn, Clifford Crummey, Ed Hansen and John Moore. From private papers of Paul Gabriel.


Repository: Private Collection