LGBT Religious History Award

Honoring outstanding scholarship in LGBT religious history.

Dr. Timothy Willem Jones
2012-13 Honoree

Dr. Timothy Willem Jones for his paper, "The Stained Glass Closet: Celibacy and Homosexuality in the Church of England to 1955"

2011-12 Co-Honorees

Rebecca L. Davis for her paper, "'My Homosexuality Is Getting Worse Every Day': Norman Vincent Peale, Psychiatry, and the Liberal Protestant Response to Same-Sex Desires in Mid-Twentieth-Century America," and Anthony Petro for his paper, "Protest Religion! ACT UP, Religious Freedom and the Ethics of Sex."

2010-11 Honoree

The jury decided not to award a submitted paper this year.

2009-10 Honoree

Shaun Jacob Halper for his paper, "Fashioning a Gay Jewish Identity in Interwar Prague: The Case of Jiří Langer (1894-1944)." Halper's paper was published in the Jewish Quarterly Review Volume 101.2 Spring 2011.

2008-09 Honoree

The jury decided not to award a submitted paper this year.

2007-08 Honoree

Dr. Heather Rachelle White for her paper, "From Sin to Sickness: Pastoral Counseling and the Sex Variant, 1946-1963."

2006-07 Honoree

Dr. Kathryn Lofton for her paper, "Queering Fundamentalism: The Case of John Balcom Shaw (1860-1935)."

2005-06 Honoree

Dr. Michelle Sauer for paper entitled "Representing the Negative: Positing the Lesbian Void in Medieval English Anchoritism."

2013-14 Submissions Guidelines

In order to promote scholarship in LGBT studies in religious history, the LGBT Religious Archives Network invites submissions for its annual LGBT Religious History Award. To be eligible, papers must be in English, doubled-spaced, and between 15 and 35 pages in length; must demonstrate original research using generally accepted historical methods; and must focus on a topic relevant to the study of LGBT religious history. Up to two submissions per author will be accepted in any given year. Both unpublished and published papers are eligible, provided the latter have been published since January 1, 2012.

Papers are welcome from all scholars in the field, including established and junior scholars, independent scholars (those without academic affiliation), and graduate and undergraduate students. All papers will be evaluated according to the same criteria, but if the number of student submissions is sufficient, the jury may consider awarding a separate Student Award for that year’s competition.

The LGBT Religious History Award uses a blind review process. In preparing your manuscript, do not include any information which could reveal your identity or that of your co-authors. The title section and the page headers/footers of your paper should not contain any author names or affiliations. In the body of your submission, please try to eliminate all direct references to your own previous work. Your assistance is important in order to maintain a fair, unbiased reviewing process.

Your submission should include an abstract of your paper.

Papers can be submitted either by mail or electronic delivery. Submissions must be postmarked or sent electronically by December 1, 2013.

ELECTRONIC submissions can be sent in .pdf, .doc, .rtf, or .wpd formats. Complete this electronic submissions form and attach the file with your paper.

MAILED submissions should include this submissions form (print and complete) and five (5) copies of your manuscript. Send to: LGBT-RAN Award for Papers, c/o CLGS, 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709.

The winning paper will receive a $500 prize.

Jury Members

Dr. Joanne Carlson Brown, a United Methodist pastor in the Pacific Northwest, has been active in the Lesbian Feminist Issues in Religion group of the American Academy of Religion since its inception.

Dr. Jay E. Johnson, Senior Director of Academic Research and Resources at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry.

Dr. Heather Rachelle White, visiting assistant professor of religion at New College in Sarasota, Florida.

Dr. Melissa Wilcox is a sociologist and historian of religion who specializes in gender studies and sexuality studies and teaches in the Religion Department at Whitman College.

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