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Newsletter #47: October 31, 2006

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN) at Chicago Theological Seminary is a grass roots, activist venture to promote and conserve the history of LGBT religious movements. LGBT-RAN is a resource center and information clearinghouse for preserving records of LGBT religious movements while also encouraging historical study. Pass on news of this ground-breaking work to friends and colleagues.

This month's news:

  1. Kameny Papers to Library of Congress & Smithsonian
  2. New Profile on Web Site
  3. Update Biographical Profiles
  4. Submissions for Religious History Award
  5. Volunteer to Preserve LGBT Religious History
  6. How You Can Support LGBT-RAN

1.  Kameny Papers to Library of Congress & Smithsonian

Long-time gay activist Frank Kameny has presented his collection of papers and memorabilia to the Library of Congress and Smithsonian's Museum of American History. The Kameny Papers, with more than 70,000 items spanning 50 years, will be one of the most extensive collections of LGBT history in the U.S. 

At LGBT-RAN we are fond of saying "history is written from the perspective of those who preserve their records." If you or your group is ready to begin thinking about preserving records, a good place to start is by reading the free resource paper, "Guide to Preserving Historical Records," available on the LGBT-RAN web site. 

2.  New Profile on Web Site

One biographical sketch was added to our Profiles Gallery this past month:

Jay Bell, leader of Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons.

Send biographical sketches of LGBT religious leaders to be added to this Profiles Gallery or recommend someone to be included by contacting:

3.  Update Biographical Profiles

Several persons included in the Profiles Gallery have recently sent updates to their biographical sketches. This reminds us that, in addition to adding bios to the Profiles Gallery, we must also keep the current ones up-to-date. If your bio is posted in the Profiles Gallery--or someone you know well--check it for any corrections needed.  Send those to

4.  Submissions for Religious History Award

LGBT-RAN received six submissions for the 2006-07 LGBT Religious History Award by the mid-October deadline.  The jury members have begun review of the papers.  The award will be announced in January 2007.

5.  Volunteer to Preserve LGBT Religious History

You can volunteer to assist LGBT-RAN in preserving LGBT religious history in a number of ways--in research and also writing and data entry.  If you have a couple of hours a week to give or a couple of hours a month, contact to discuss possibilities.

6.  How You Can Support LGBT-RAN

A. Invite friends and colleagues to learn about preserving the history of LGBT religious movements by forwarding them this newsletter or sending their email addresses to

B. Contact us at with information about existing archival collections from LGBT religious movements, about records that need to be archived, or about leaders of LGBT religious movements to include in our Pioneers Gallery.

C. Volunteer to assist our work in preserving and researching LGBT religious history at: The LGBT-RAN staff will help you get involved in whatever way is most appropriate for you.

D. Make a financial gift to support the work on LGBT-RAN at: Click on the "Make A Gift" box in upper left corner of the page. You can send information on individuals, foundations and organizations that might be interested in funding this ground-breaking work to

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