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Newsletter #69: October 8, 2009

This month's news:

  1. New Profiles Posted
  2. December 1 Deadline for History Award
  3. Enlist in LGBT-RAN's Preservation Work
  4. GLBT History Month
  5. LGBT-RAN on Facebook

1.  New Profiles Posted

These biographical sketches have been added to the Profiles Gallery since the last newsletter:

Dr. Marcella Althaus-Reid, queer feminist theologian from Argentina; and
Rev. Paul Breton, founding pastor of MCC in Washington, D.C.

The Profiles Gallery, with more than 230 listings, is the most frequently visited part of the LGBT-RAN web site. You can help LGBT-RAN expand this vast biographical database by submitting biographical sketches for yourself or other significant LGBT religious activists--or by recommending persons to be included. Find guidelines for the Profiles Gallery here.

2.  December 1 Deadline for History Award

The LGBT Religious History Award is the only award for papers for research and writing on LGBT religious history. Deadline for submissions for the 2009-10 History Award is December 1, 2009. Complete details on submissions can be found here. Please pass along this information to scholars, researchers and students who are studying LGBT religious history and encourage them to consider submitting a paper this year. The honoree receives a $500 award.

3.  Enlist in LGBT-RAN's Preservation Work

The LGBT-RAN Advisory Committee, at its May 2009 meeting, reorganized into three work teams in order to better support and guide the long-term development of this unique historical enterprise. Each of these teams will function primarily via email to share ideas, resources and responsibility with the part-time LGBT-RAN Coordinator for LGBT-RAN's day-to-day development. While LGBT-RAN has been largely a volunteer-drive project from its inception, this new mode of operation will expand and deepen this volunteer support.

Would you consider enlisting on one of these teams in order to participate in discussion about LGBT-RAN's preservation efforts?  No commitment expected initially beyond perusing occasional emails and responding when appropriate.  The three teams are:

Preservation & Outreach--guide LGBT-RAN efforts to identify groups and leaders whose records should be preserved and recording this information on the web site;

Research--coordinate LGBT-RAN's  efforts to support academic study on LGBT religious history and utilize LGBT-RAN's resources in classrooms; and

Digital Technology--oversee the design and operation of LGBT-RAN's web site and other electronic projects for preserving our history.

To learn more about this unique opportunity to help preserve our history--or to sign up for a team for a trial period--contact LGBT-RAN Coordinator Mark Bowman.

4.  GLBT History Month

October is GLBT History Month, providing the opportunity to observe and reflect on the growth of LGBT liberation movements around the world. Classes or study groups may wish to undertake a project or activity. An official GLBT History Month web site provides resources and suggested activities. LGBT-RAN provides an excellent supplemental resource by providing extensive information on LGBT religious history, so often neglected in other sources. Students could use the LGBT-RAN web site to:

Report on lives of leaders of LGBT religious movements found in the Profiles Gallery;

Undertake more in-depth biographical research through studying an Oral History; or

Study digital documents and artifacts from early LGBT religious history found in online exhibitions, such as the Council on Religion and the Homosexual.

For more conversation about how to recognize the history of LGBT religious movements in your setting, contact LGBT-RAN Coordinator Mark Bowman.

5.  LGBT-RAN on Facebook

Almost 300 persons have become Facebook fans of LGBT-RAN since we announced our Facebook appearance in the last newsletter. You can visit the LGBT-RAN wall on Facebook by clicking here.  Post greetings or comments there.  And let us know how we can utilize Facebook to strengthen your connection with LGBT-RAN and your interest in LGBT religious history.

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