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Newsletter #70: November 5, 2009

This month's news:

  1. New Profiles Posted to Web Site
  2. Collections and Artifacts Added
  3. Help LGBT-RAN Update Data
  4. December 1 Deadline for Award for Papers
  5. Call for Papers
    Journal of Homosexuality

1.  New Profiles Posted to Web Site

These biographical sketches have been added to the Profiles Gallery since the last newsletter:

Lewis Durham, clergy ally instrumental in developing the Council on Religion and the Homosexual in the 1960s;
Gene Leggett; early openly gay United Methodist clergy in Texas;
Rick Mixon; early openly gay Baptist clergy and co-founder of American Bapists Concerned; and
Aasmund Vik; organizer of first LGBT Christian group in Norway and leader of European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups.

You can learn how to submit a profile for yourself or a colleague here.

2.  Collections and Artifacts Added

Listings for these archival collections have been added to the Collections Catalog this past month:

Council on Religion and the Homosexual;
Barbara Gittings and Kay Tobin Lahusen Papers;
Metropolitan Community Church Long Beach;
William Silver Papers; and
Southern California Council on Religion and the Homophile.

In addition, digital copies of these artifacts have been added to LGBT-RAN's sampler of early records from LGBT religious movements:

"Toward a Quaker View of Sex" paper (1971) by Jim Bradford and distributed by Mattachine Midwest; and
Links to motive magazine: Lesbian/Feminist issue (1972) and Gay Men's Liberation issue (1972).

Thanks to the Rainbow History Project in Washington, D.C. for making these ground-breaking journals accessible. 

3.  Help LGBT-RAN Update Data

History continues to unfold around us even as you read this. LGBT-RAN not only is gathering historical data and sources to post for researchers and students on its web site, but also trying to keep the information already there current and accurate. LGBT-RAN depends upon volunteers and friends like you to do this.  Here are recent examples:

David Gillespie sent in updates to his Profile that reflected changes in his life;
While sorting family records, Judy Cayot found a resume from almost 30 years ago that provided additional information for the Michael Collins profile; and
A note on the Dignity USA's web site led to discovering that the finding aid to their archival collection is now online--which provided additional info for that Catalog listing.

As you peruse and study the LGBT-RAN web site, do help create our historical record by sending all corrections and additions to Mark Bowman.

4.  December 1 Deadline for Award for Papers

The deadline to submit papers for the 2009-10 LGBT Religious History Award is almost upon us.  Please pass along this notice to colleagues--scholars and students.  Detailed submission guidelines can be found here.  This is the only award for research into LGBT religious history.  The honoree receives a $500 gift and chance to present her/his research at the annual meeting of the LGBT-RAN Advisory Committee in May 2010.

5.  Call for Papers
Journal of Homosexuality

The Journal of Homosexuality, now in its 56th year, recently announced a new editor-in-chief--John P. Elia, PhD.  One of Dr. Elia’s new focuses as editor will be to update the Manuscript Submission process to a more streamlined electronic approach, resulting in a decreased publication lag time. The frequency of the Journal will also be increased from 8 to 10 issues beginning in 2010. Revised instructions for authors are now posted here.

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