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Newsletter #49: January 27, 2007

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN) at Chicago Theological Seminary is a grass roots, activist venture to promote and conserve the history of LGBT religious movements. LGBT-RAN is a resource center and information clearinghouse for preserving records of LGBT religious movements while also encouraging historical study. Pass on news of this ground-breaking work to friends and colleagues.

This month's news:

  1. Lofton Receives LGBT Religious History Award
  2. New Profiles on Web Site
  3. Shower of Stoles Online Exhibition Grows
  4. CLGH Calls for Papers & Nominations
  5. Financial Developments
  6. How You Can Support LGBT-RAN

1.  Lofton Receives LGBT Religious History Award

Dr. Kathryn Lofton will be honored with the 2006-07 LGBT Religious History Award for her paper: "Queering Fundamentalism: The Case of John Balcom Shaw (1860-1935)." Lofton's paper was chosen by the jury from among a number that were submitted.

Lofton is an assistant professor in religion and in American studies at Indiana University in Bloomington. This paper is part of her book-in-progress tracing the life of this prominent Presbyterian clergy in the early 20th century who was dismissed from ministry because of accusations of sodomy. Read more details about Lofton and her research.

This is the second year of LGBT-RAN's Religious History Award. Deadline for submission of papers for next year's award is October 19, 2007. Submission guidelines are available at the link above.

2.  New Profiles on Web Site

Four persons have been added to the Profiles Gallery in recent weeks:

David Gillespie, gay Presbyterian writer;
Brenda Harrison, leader of LGBT Christian movements in the UK and Europe;
Rev. Daniel Hooper, gay Lutheran pastor; and
Rev. Elias Tseng, first openly gay pastor in Taiwan.

LGBT-RAN's Profiles Gallery is the largest collection of biographical information about leaders of LGBT religious movements. Help keep this gallery growing by submitting profiles or contact info of other leaders--including you.

3.  Shower of Stoles Online Exhibition Grows

LGBT-RAN's collaborative project to create an online exhibition of the Shower of Stoles continues to progress. You can see more than 600 stoles now posted. Pictures are now posted for a large number of those stoles. Your comments upon this extraordinary exhibition are welcome at

4.  CLGH Calls for Papers & Nominations

The Committee on Gay & Lesbian History (CLGH) is inviting papers and commenters on LGBTQ history for the American Historical Association convention in January, 2008. Deadline for proposals is February 15th. And CLGH is also inviting nominations for its Governing Board. Deadline is March 15th. For more information on either request, contact Karen Krahulik.

5.  Financial Developments

The E. Rhodes & Leona B. Carpenter Foundation provided a $20,000 grant to LGBT-RAN at the end of 2006. This grant was the last of Carpenter grants over several years that have provided the financial foundation for LGBT-RAN's development. LGBT-RAN is deeply grateful to the Carpenter Foundation for this generous support. We could not have done all that we've done without this support.

LGBT-RAN also received over $9,200 in gifts from over 50 individuals, families and groups in 2006. This was a 45% increase in gifts over the previous year. Thanks to every one of you also!

LGBT-RAN's continued development depends upon the support of these and many other Friends and Partners. Please consider how much you value LGBT-RAN unique historical preservation work and how you can support that in 2007.

6.  How You Can Support LGBT-RAN

A. Invite friends and colleagues to learn about preserving the history of LGBT religious movements by forwarding them this newsletter or sending their email addresses to

B. Contact us at with information about existing archival collections from LGBT religious movements, about records that need to be archived, or about leaders of LGBT religious movements to include in our Pioneers Gallery.

C. Volunteer to assist our work in preserving and researching LGBT religious history at: The LGBT-RAN staff will help you get involved in whatever way is most appropriate for you.

D. Make a financial gift to support the work on LGBT-RAN at: Click on the "Make A Gift" box in upper left corner of the page. You can send information on individuals, foundations and organizations that might be interested in funding this ground-breaking work to

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