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Newsletter #83: April 21, 2011

This month's news:

  1. New Oral History Interview
  2. Profiles Added to Gallery
  3. LGAR to Update Archive Resource
  4. Committee Announces 2011 Prizes

1.  New Oral History Interview

The Black Oral History initiative at LGBT-RAN moves forward with the addition of an oral history interview with Imam Daayiee Abdullah to the web site.  Abdullah is a prominent human and sexuality rights activist in Muslim and interfaith circles. He is Imam of the Masjid el-Tawhid An-Nur Al-Isslaah (Mosque for Enlightenment and Reformation) in Washington, D.C.

This interview, along with others in this Black LGBT Oral History initiative, was done by Dr. Monique Moultrie.  At least three more interviews in this series will be posted in the coming weeks. LGBT-RAN's Oral History Project is unique in that it makes historical interviews easily accessible either to read or to listen to on its  web site.

2.  Profiles Added to Gallery

These two biographical statements have been added to the Profiles Gallery over the past month:

  • Ruth Frost, early openly lesbian Lutheran pastor in the U.S.; and
  • Sharon Smith, Buddhist scholar in the U.K. who died last month.

This brings the total number of profiles in the Gallery to almost 300, the largest single existent source of biographical information about leaders of LGBT religious movements around the world.

Despite the large number of profiles that have been gathered, there are hundreds more persons who should be included in the Profiles Gallery. Peruse this page for some guidelines and tips on how to invite and develop biographical statements for other leaders of LGBT religious movements.  Your assistance is needed to help identify other leaders--living or deceased--to add to the web site and to help gather these profiles. Contact Mark Bowman with your ideas.

3.  LGAR to Update Archive Resource

The Lesbian and Gay Archives Roundtable (LAGAR) of the Society of American Archivists has announced that it is updating Lavender Legacies: Guide to Sources in North America.

Lavender Legacies is the first formal and comprehensive guide to primary source material relating to the history and culture of lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender (LBGTQ) people held by repositories in North America. With the growth of more repositories collecting this material, Lavender Legacies is ready for an update.

To update information about your repository or to add a listing for your repository to this Guide, contact  You can also help by passing on this announcement to other archivists and repositories.

4.  Committee Announces 2011 Prizes

The Committee on LGBT History of the American Historical Association has announced the winners of its 2011 prizes for outstanding research and publication in LGBT history. The John Boswell Prize for an outstanding book was awarded to Margot Canaday's The Straight State: Sexuality and Citizenship in Twentieth-Century America. The Joan Nestle Prize for an outstanding paper was awarded to Shelley Grosjean for “A ‘Womyn’s’ Work is Never Done: The Gendered Division of Labor on Lesbian Separatist Lands in Southern Oregon.” Honorable Mention was given to Bradley Milam for his essay, “Gay West Virginia: Community Formation and the Forging of a Gay Appalachian Identity, 1963-1979.”

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