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Newsletter #85: July 27, 2011

This month's news:

  1. Harmon Oral History Interview
  2. New Profiles Posted
  3. Preserving Your Group's History
  4. Thanks to LGBT-RAN Donors

1.  Harmon Oral History Interview

The most recent addition to LGBT-RAN's Oral History Project is an interview with the Rev. Cedric Harmon -- LGBT advocate, pastor and marriage equality activist in Washington D.C.  The Harmon interview is the fourth in a series of oral history interviews with Black LGBT religious leaders being conducted by Dr. Monique Moultrie under a grant from the Riverside Church Sharing Fund.  There are two or three more interviews in this series forthcoming.
Remember that LGBT-RAN's oral histories are easily accessible -- you can either listen to an interview or read the transcript.  Listening to one of these interviews on your smartphone is a fascinating exploration of our history. Simply select the person whose interview you want to listen to and click the play button at the top of her/his page.

2.  New Profiles Posted

Biographical profiles of these three persons have been added to the Profiles Gallery in recent weeks. The international flavor of LGBT-RAN Profiles Gallery is represented here:

  • Carole Elizabeth, began her journey as lesbian & Christian in the western U.S. in the early 1960s;
  • Bernard Lynch, Irish gay priest, falsely accused and exonerated of sexual misconduct in New York court; and
  • Anthony Venn-Brown, prominent Australian evangelist who has become an openly gay "ambassador" to churches.

You can peruse and read biographies of 300 leaders of LGBT religious movements in the Profiles Gallery.  Help us continue growing this unique resource by sending in a biographical profile or recommending someone from whom to get a profile.  Email LGBT-RAN here.

3.  Preserving Your Group's History

Preserving records of LGBT religious & spiritual organizations is essential to ensuring that the invaluable contributions of these groups are in the historical record.  You might ask the staff or board of your group about their efforts to place records in an archive. The archival collections of many LGBT religious groups are listed in LGBT-RAN's Collections Catalog.  If your group's archives are not listed there, please contact LGBT-RAN with that info.
Your organization might also begin a digital archive of its history on its web site.  Here are some examples of what other groups are doing:

  • The Metropolitan Community Church's In Our Own Words project was initiated for its 40th anniversary celebration and includes recordings of persons' early involvement in MCC as well as photos and early publications and documents.
  • Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons has an Our History page on its web site with links to articles about LGBT Mormon history as well as tributes to deceased gay & lesbian Mormons.
  • Dignity USA's web site has an Our History page that provides year-by-year highlights of Dignity's activities as well as an Archives page with copies of early newsletters and other publications.

Our collective efforts to preserve our history will ensure that the major impact of LGBT religious movements on the social and religious institutions of our day will become part of recorded history.  Contact LGBT-RAN for assistance in your preservation efforts.

4.  Thanks to LGBT-RAN Donors

LGBT-RAN is most grateful to the many friends who have sent contributions this summer in response to our appeal.  LGBT-RAN can only continue its ground-breaking work in preserving LGBT religious history through the gifts of many Friends and Partners.
If preserving our history is important to you, please help make that a reality by making a gift to LGBT-RAN.  With credit card in hand it takes only a couple minutes to do this online. If you prefer sending a check you'll find the address at that link.
Together we can preserve our voices and stories for future generations.

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