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Newsletter #86: September 15, 2011

This month's news:

  1. LGBT History Month in opportunity to act!
  2. Rhue Oral History Posted
  3. More Historical Info Posted
  4. December 1 Deadline for Submissions for LGBT Religious History Award

1.  LGBT History Month in opportunity to act!

October is LGBT History Month in the U.S. (It's recognized in February in the U.K. and other times elsewhere). Consider taking an action during this month to help preserve the invaluable history of LGBT spiritual & religious leaders and movements around the world. Here are some ideas of what you could do:

  • Contact a leader of LGBT spiritual/religious movements who has had an important influence on your life and interview her/him in order to write a biographical statement to submit for the Profiles Gallery.
  • Read one profile in the Profiles Gallery every day during October. Compile a list of significant leaders of LGBT spiritual/religious movements who NOT currently included in the Profiles Gallery and send those names to LGBT-RAN.
  • Contact the leaders of an LGBT spiritual/religious group in which you are active and ask how they are preserving the organization's records in a repository. Offer to help them.
  • Listen to one oral history interview each week during the month to expand your insights into the formation of LGBT spiritual/religious movements in recent decades.
  • Set aside a one to two-hour block of time to walk through the Council on the Religion and the Homosexual online exhibition for a fascinating and detailed portrayal of early LGBT religious activism.
  • AND make a financial gift so LGBT-RAN can keep up its ground-breaking preservation work on behalf of all of us.

Send us a note reporting on what you did to recognize LGBT History Month, so we can share that with others. REMEMBER that together we can ensure that our voices and stories are preserved for future generations.

2.  Rhue Oral History Posted

An interview with writer, activist, filmmaker, and producer Dr. Sylvia Rhue is the latest addition to our Oral History Project. In this engaging interview, Rhue relates her experiences being raised in a Seventh Day Adventist family and community in California, beginning relationships with women as a young adult, conducting research in social work, becoming a documentary filmmaker, and advocating for LGBT concerns in Black religious communities. This interview is the fifth in a series with Black LGBT religious leaders being conducted by Dr. Monique Moultrie. You can peruse all 22 oral histories of LGBT religious leaders on the Oral History Project page--and choose to either listen to the conversation or read the transcript of any of them.

3.  More Historical Info Posted

These biographical statements were added to the Profiles Gallery since the last newsletter:

This listing was added to the Collections Catalog:

Moore was United Methodist pastor at Glide UMC in San Francisco in the early 1960s and among the first clergy to advocate acceptance of homosexuality and gay/lesbian persons from the pulpit.

4.  December 1 Deadline for Submissions for LGBT Religious History Award

The submissions deadline for the 2011-12 LGBT Religious History Award is coming up--December 1. This is the only academic award honoring scholarship in LGBT religious history. The submission guidelines can be found here. The honoree receives a $500 award along with public recognition at the annual meeting of the LGBT-RAN Advisory Committee. Pass this information on to scholarly colleagues and students doing research and writing in LGBT religious history.

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