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Newsletter #89: Decmeber 20, 2011

This month's news:

  1. LGBT-RAN Completes Ten Years
  2. Large Growth this Year
  3. Remembering Leaders of LGBT Religious Movements
  4. Giving Supports LGBT-RAN

1.  LGBT-RAN Completes Ten Years

This fall marked the 10th anniversary of the founding of the LGBT Religious Archives Network. LGBT-RAN was launched at a September 2001 meeting of LGBT historians, archivists and activists at Chicago Theological Seminary. That group (now the Advisory Committee) crafted the vision that has shaped LGBT-RAN since that time--not to be another physical archive that collects and preserves papers, but instead to draw upon emerging digital technology to:

  • assist LGBT religious groups and leaders to preserve their records in appropriate repositories; and
  • create an electronic information clearinghouse on sources and data for studying LGBT religious history.

Furthermore the group decided that LGBT-RAN would preserve the history of ALL forms of LGBT religious and spiritual expression in ALL parts of the world.
This unique vision and the resultant practices have shaped LGBT-RAN as one of most creative grass roots historical preservation endeavors around. Thanks to all of you who have submitted data, stories and suggestions LGBT-RAN is the foremost source of information on LGBT religious history in the world. Perhaps most importantly, LGBT-RAN makes all of this historical info widely and easily accessible--every single day 30-50 people come to the web site to find information.

2.  Large Growth this Year

Over the past twelve months LGBT-RAN has significantly increased the historical information easily accessible on its web site with:

In addition, LGBT-RAN has expanded and reorganized its Links pages as well as identified additional resources to support individuals and organizations looking to preserve their records.  Many more changes and additions are being planned for the  web site in 2012.

3.  Remembering Leaders of LGBT Religious Movements

We honor the lives and recognize the historical contributions of these leaders of LGBT religious movements who died in 2011:

The passing of these lives reinforces the critical importance of acting now to preserve our voices and stories for future generations.  

4.  Giving Supports LGBT-RAN

The largest source of financial support for LGBT-RAN's historical preservation work is gifts from individuals, families and organizations. Dozens of these Friends and Partners have contributed more than $5,000 so far in 2011 to help underwrite LGBT-RAN's unique work. However, this is well short of the $10,000 in gifts needed this year.

Can you say YES! to LGBT-RAN's work with a gift yet in 2011? With credit card in hand it takes only a couple of minutes to give online through this link. On that same page you will also find the mailing address where you can send a check.

LGBT-RAN and its parent organization, the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies in Religion & Ministry, depend upon your support so that we can preserve our voices and stories for future generations.

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