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Newsletter #90: January 18, 2012

This month's news:

  1. Add Your Remembrances to the Profiles Gallery
  2. New Data on the Web Site
  3. New LGBT Quaker History Project
  4. Appreciation for Financial Support – and Our Need

1.  Add Your Remembrances to the Profiles Gallery

A new feature of the LGBT-RAN Profiles Gallery now allows you to add information to the historical record of a colleague or mentor posted there. If you have a significant experience with or knowledge of one of the leaders of LGBT religious movements in the Profiles Gallery, you can go to her/his page and click on the "Tell Us Your Experience" link in the Remembrances box in the upper right corner. Then type in the information or experience you would like to record with this person's profile. All entries are reviewed by the LGBT-RAN office before posting.

Some persons noticed this new option and submitted Remembrances over the past month even while the procedures were in testing mode. You can preview Remembrances posted on these profiles: Allen Bennett; Joanne Carlson Brown; Arthur Evans; or Jack Nichols.

More than half of all visits to the web site are to the Profiles Gallery. This new feature now allows us to expand the historical information preserved there. Let us hear from you.

2.  New Data on the Web Site

A large amount of information has been added to the LGBT-RAN web site over the past month.  A fascinating video shot in July 1973 at the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco was sent to us by John Raines, media preservationist at the GLBT Historical Society.

An interview with the Rev. John V. Moore (conducted by Christopher Waldrep) has been added to our Oral History page. Moore was pastor of Glide Memorial UMC in San Francisco in the early 1960s when the Council on Religion and the Homosexual was formed there.

Biographical statements were posted to the Profiles Gallery for these leaders of LGBT religious movements:

In addition, these archival collections were added to the Collections Catalog:

Thank you to the many LGBT-RAN friends and volunteers who assisted in the collection and preservation of this information.

3.  New LGBT Quaker History Project

Mitchell Santine Gould, noted Walt Whitman scholar, has made a generous gift to LGBT-RAN to underwrite the development of a LGBT Quaker History project. LGBT-RAN is using these funds to facilitate a working group of historians, archivists and activists who will research and compile  information on significant LGBT movements and leaders within the Society of Friends. It is expected that the result of this project will be some form of digital presentation of LGBT Quaker history. If you or someone else you know has interest in LGBT Quaker history and might be interested in participating in this working group, contact Mark Bowman.

4.  Appreciation for Financial Support – and Our Need

LGBT-RAN is most grateful to the Friends and Partners who made gifts in the last few weeks of 2011 to support LGBT-RAN's ground-breaking historical preservation work. LGBT-RAN depends almost exclusively on the generosity of individuals and families--like you--to carry on.

The bad news is that giving to LGBT-RAN has fallen off significantly over the past three years--by more than 50%. LGBT-RAN accomplishes so much on very limited resources. Yet LGBT-RAN may well be forced to cut back its preservation work this year. Will you tell us that you value the preservation of our voices and stories for future generations by making a gift? Whatever amount you can give will be most helpful.  Click here and give with your credit card or get info on where to mail your check. A couple minutes of your time now ensures that our legacy will be remembered long into the future.

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