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Newsletter #95: July 19, 2012

This month's news:

  1. Quaker History Project Moving Forward
  2. Hosting LGBT-RAN Web Site –NEW!
  3. Data Added to Web Site
  4. Exhibition on Johnson Ordination
  5. Why I Support LGBT-RAN

1.  Quaker History Project Moving Forward

Earlier this year LGBT-RAN launched an LGBT Quaker History Project with a grant provided by Mitchell Santine Gould.  A dozen scholars, archivists and students have volunteered to serve as the working group to guide and shape this project.  The end result will be a digital exhibition or presentation on aspects of LGBT Quaker history.

This working group has decided to focus on the upcoming 50th anniversary of the publication of Towards a Quaker View of Sex , a ground-breaking 1963 study by a group of Quakers in the U.K.  Towards A Quaker View of Sex was one of the first religious pronouncements calling for  acceptance and affirmation of homosexual persons.  It was widely heralded by nascent voices for gay and lesbian equality that emerged in the 1960s both in the U.K. and U.S.  You can peruse a copy of the 84-page second edition at this link.   

The working group welcomes other researchers and writers who would like to participate in this important endeavor.  For more information about the LGBT Quaker History Project and how you can get involved, contact Mark Bowman.

2.  Hosting LGBT-RAN Web Site –NEW!

Every day 100 persons visit the LGBT-RAN web site to find information on some aspect of LGBT religious history.  No doubt you have gone to the LGBT-RAN web site at times to find a name, a date, a title or a catalog listing.  LGBT-RAN provides valuable information to dozens of users every day for FREE.   However, the cost for LGBT-RAN to expand and maintain the data on its web site and to provide this free access averages out to $50 per day.

A new feature on the LGBT-RAN web site lists a "host" group or person for the day.  That person or group has given a $50 gift for each day its hosts the web site.   All LGBT-RAN users can appreciate these supporters who underwrite the costs of providing this data for free.

LGBT-RAN is at a critical stage in its development where it needs at least 365 gifts of $50 (for each day of the year) in order to continue as the world's largest freely-accessible compendium of information on LGBT religious history.  Will you make a gift  and become a web site host so that LGBT-RAN can continue to provide free access to its web site? 

3.  Data Added to Web Site

These biographical statements have been added to the Profiles Gallery over the past month:

Three long-time LGBT religious leaders have died over the past month:  Richard Jonathan Cardarelli, Fred Pattison and Richard Vincent.  Friends and colleagues of Cardarelli and Pattison have used LGBT-RAN new Remembrance feature to post significant memories of them. Click on the links to their names above to read these memorial statements.

You can help preserve our voices and stories for future generations by submitting new Profiles as well as writing your important Remembrance of any of the 330+ leaders of LGBT religious movements already in the Profiles Gallery.

4.  Exhibition on Johnson Ordination

In recognition of the 40th anniversary of the first ordination of an openly gay clergy in U.S. churches, LGBT-RAN has created a permanent exhibition that tells that story of William R. Johnson's ordination in 1972.  The exhibition includes pictures, documents and media stories about the ordination process and its aftermath.  New additions to the display include video clips and a news story from  a 40th anniversary celebration in the Bay Area of California last month.  

You can help LGBT-RAN expand this exhibition by submitting artifacts or testimonies about this historic event. You may have correspondence, a photo or news article regarding Johnson's ordination. Or you may share your memory or reflection on the significance of this momentous event--in writing or in a recording. Click on the CONTRIBUTE link on the exhibition page for details on how you can help  preserve this history.

5.  Why I Support LGBT-RAN

Long-time LGBT-RAN supporter and friend Rev. Troy Plummer shares why he supports this momentous preservation venture:

As a United Methodist organizer for LGBT equality, I am constantly reminded of the saints who laid the foundation for the work we do today. To see the photos and hear the voices of those who prepared the way for me--not even knowing who I was--touches my deepest longings for our community. To bring this remarkable history into the present for each new generation with the click of a mouse is invaluable for building a movement that continues to make new history.  Thank you, LGBT-RAN!

LGBT-RAN can only continue its ground-breaking work preserving LGBT religious history because of the gifts of Troy Plummer and dozens other LGBT-RAN Friends. Your gift today will help ensure that our voices and stories are preserved for future generations. Click the link to give online with your credit card or to get info on where to mail a check. Your support does make a difference.

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