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Newsletter #98: December 12, 2012

This month's news:

  1. Award Submission Deadline Extended to December 15
  2. New Profiles Added to Gallery
  3. Help Quaker History Project
  4. Record Your Remembrances
  5. Why I Support LGBT-RAN

1.  Award Submission Deadline Extended to December 15

The deadline for submission of papers to be considered for the 2012-13 LGBT Religious History Award has been extended to December 15, 2012.  LGBT-RAN offers the only academic honor for research and scholarship in LGBT religious history.  Information about the papers and scholars who have received this award over the past seven years can be found here. In addition to this recognition, awardees receive a $500 prize. Guidelines for submissions can also be found here. Please pass this word along to scholars and researchers who may want to submit their writing for consideration

2.  New Profiles Added to Gallery

These new biographical statements have been added to the Profiles Gallery over the past month:

The Profiles Gallery is the most heavily used part of the LGBT-RAN web site. Half of all visits to the web site are to the Profiles Gallery. With 345 listings it is the most comprehensive source of information about leaders of LGBT religious and spiritual movements around the world.

Profiles are largely developed by volunteers--like you--interested in preserving our history. Please consider writing and submitting a profile of yourself--if appropriate--or a colleague who is an LGBT religious leader. Or you can research and write a profile for someone on this list of persons for whom we desire a profile. You can find tips on researching and writing a profile here.

3.  Help Quaker History Project

LGBT-RAN's special project on LGBT Quaker History continues to make steady progress. The project focuses on the upcoming 50th anniversary of the publication of Towards a Quaker View of Sex, a ground-breaking 1963 study by a group of Quakers in the U.K. Although largely forgotten today, Towards a Quaker View of Sex (TQVOS) was one of the earliest religious publications to call for acceptance and affirmation of homosexual persons. You can peruse a copy of the 84-page second edition at this link.

This project aims to create a digital exhibition or publication about the roots and development of TQVOS as well as its impact in the U.K. and the U.S.  A number of early and recent articles about the working group that wrote TQVOS as well as its impact have been gathered. Also LGBT-RAN has been able to interview one of the principal writers, the last living member of the original working group.

LGBT-RAN needs assistance in the completion of this project:

  • researching Quaker and other religious periodicals in the 1960s pertaining to TQVOS;
  • researching (in London) the collection of papers left by the TQVOS working group; and
  • writing a brief paper or commentary on TQVOS to be published digitally with this project.

If you or someone you know might be interested in providing some assistance to this unique project, please contact Mark Bowman.

4.  Record Your Remembrances

The newest feature of LGBT-RAN's web site is the ability to add a "remembrance" of a leader of LGBT religious movements posted in the Profiles Gallery. These recollections which detail particular experiences with or observations about a person by a friend or colleague are most valuable additions to the historical record. Here is an example of a recent remembrance submitted. This is another remembrance that I wrote about someone who was a mentor in my early life. Each of us can help preserve our history by taking the time to write and submit a remembrance of an LGBT religious leader with whom we have had a significant experience or relationship.

5.  Why I Support LGBT-RAN

Long-time LGBT-RAN support and friend Dr. Emilie Townes shares why she supports this momentous preservation venture:

LGBT-RAN is the most reliable source for learning about queer lives in religious bodies we have. It is well researched and brings to the fore the many voices active in religious communities that are largely unknown and often silenced.  It is important because people matter!

LGBT-RAN can only continue its unique mission to preserve LGBT religious history because of the gifts of Emilie Townes and dozens of other LGBT-RAN Friends.  Would you join the many persons and groups that have stepped up to become "hosts" of the LGBT-RAN web site? Each gift of $50 sponsors the web site for one day. Click here to learn how you can make a gift and demonstrate your support for LGBT-RAN.

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