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Newsletter #99: December 20, 2012

This month's news:

  1. Another Year of Major Growth
  2. Remembering Our Leaders
  3. Gifts to Host Web Site Secure LGBT-RAN's Future

1.  Another Year of Major Growth

LGBT-RAN has completed 11 years of operation as the foremost source of information on the history of LGBT religious movements around the world.  The valuable historical data that only LGBT-RAN provides (for free) was increased significantly in 2012:

In addition a new online exhibition was created, marking the 40th anniversary of the ordination of William R. Johnson.  LGBT-RAN is moving forward on its LGBT Quaker History Project that is developing a digital presentation honoring the 50th anniversary of the publication of the ground-breaking Towards a Quaker View of Sex in 2013.

Dr. Rebecca L. Davis and Dr. Anthony Michael Petro were joint honorees of the 2011-12 LGBT Religious History Award.  A record 14 submissions have been received for the 2012-13 Award.

The newest feature of the LGBT-RAN web site allows users and friends to submit Remembrances--record of significant experiences--of leaders of LGBT religious movements posted in the Profiles Gallery.  A total of 40 remembrances were posted this year.

LGBT-RAN depends upon the participation and input of countless volunteers and friends to add all of this new information to its web site.  Thanks for all of your contributions!

2.  Remembering Our Leaders

We honor the lives and recognize the historical contributions of these leaders of LGBT religious movements who died in 2012:

Victor Jordan (above) played key roles in helping to shape and develop LGBT-RAN over the years and is greatly missed. Also we honor the life of Arch Brown, playwright and benefactor,  who provided crucial  financial support for LGBT-RAN in its early years.

The passing of these lives reinforces the critical importance of acting now to preserve our voices and stories for future generations.

If you knew any of these persons well--as well as other LGBT religious leaders who are deceased--recording your Remembrance of her/him is a most valuable contribution to the historical record.

3.  Gifts to Host Web Site Secure LGBT-RAN's Future

The challenge LGBT-RAN has faced from its inception has been how to cover the costs of maintaining and growing its unique historical databases while providing free access to this info on its web site to dozens of users every day. The recent global financial crunch has jeopardized the viability of LGBT-RAN's future.

This summer LGBT-RAN launched a new underwriting plan in which a $50 gift sponsors the web site for one day. Such $50 sponsor gifts provided for all 365 days of the year will cover LGBT-RAN basic operations. Each donor group or individual selects a day of the year (for each $50 given) on which to be recognized prominently as the "host" on LGBT-RAN's web site. The host can also honor or memorialize other important persons on the web site that day.

The response to this new initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. Giving to LGBT-RAN so far this year is double what it was last year. This fall the web site was hosted by a supporting organization or person for 60% of the days. Supporters have signed up to host the web site for almost 40% of the days of the whole year.

Will you help secure LGBT-RAN's future by making a gift to host the web site for one or more days of the year? Click here for the link to make a gift online--with credit card in hand it takes a couple minutes. Or find the address to which you can mail a check. After your gift is received, you will be contacted to determine the days(s) you will host the web site and person(s) you wish to honor or memorialize those days. Contact Mark Bowman with any questions.

Together we can ensure that our voices and stories are preserved for future generations--and enable 2013 to be another stellar year for LGBT-RAN.

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