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Newsletter #106: November 22, 2013

This month's news:

  1. New on the Web Site
  2. December 1 Deadline for LGBT Religious History Award
  3. Biblical Flooding and YOUR Papers
  4. Quaker Exhibit Coming Soon
  5. Other Connections

1.  New on the Web Site

These biographical statements have been added to the Profiles Gallery since the last newsletter:

The Profiles Gallery now includes 365 postings, yet hundreds more leaders of LGBT religious movements should be added. You can help by sending LGBT-RAN a profile of yourself or a colleague. If you need assistance in writing a profile, LGBT-RAN has a graduate student assistant available; contact LGBT-RAN to arrange this.

Another valuable way you can help preserve our history is to submit a "remembrance" of someone in the Profiles Gallery you have known. These recollections that detail particular experiences with or observations about an LGBT religious leader are important additions to the historical record.  Here is a recent Remembrance of Charlie Arehart as well as one of Diana Swancutt.

2.  December 1 Deadline for LGBT Religious History Award

The December 1 deadline for submissions for the 2013-14 LGBT Religious History Award is almost here. Intiated eight years ago by LGBT-RAN, this award is the only academic honor for research and writing in LGBT religious history. You will find submissions guidelines as well as information about past honorees at this link.  Please pass this information on to other scholars, students and researchers who are working in this field.

3.  Biblical Flooding and YOUR Papers

Have you said: "I'll get around to boxing up those old records in the basement and sending them to an archive some day"?  If so, after living through the catastrophic flooding in Boulder, Colorado in September, Susan Echo asks you to reconsider. Susan wrote that--in spite of the warnings--there is not time to prepare for the scale of natural disasters like this. Afterwards she spent three intense weeks sorting through quickly-molding materials to find and deal with the salvageable, only a small fraction of her household. She was thankful that papers from her early activist years were already in an archive.  She advises--there are no federal disaster funds to rescue documents, so both repositories and individuals should have disaster recovery plans and insurance, if possible. When storing valuable records, use proper receptacles in proper places (not on the floor!). Your foresight will help ensure that valuable records and artifacts are not lost. 

4.  Quaker Exhibit Coming Soon

LGBT-RAN is in the final stages of completing an online exhibit that documents the remarkable journey of 11 prominent British Friends who deliberated from 1957 to 1963 to produce the first study by a Christian body that affirmed homosexual persons.  Through the assistance of the last living member of this group, Keith Wedmore, the exhibit will present dozens of documents and records about Towards a Quaker View of Sex that have never before been seen.

If you or someone you know is interested in being part of the team of scholars and activists who are creating this exhibit, contact us. Most importantly, if you know someone who would be willing to make a modest financial contribution to help underwrite the costs of creating this momentous exhibit, contact Mark Bowman.

5.  Other Connections

SYLLABI--Faculty members who have developed classes exploring LGBT religious history are invited to send a copy of their syllabus to LGBT-RAN. LGBT-RAN will begin posting these syllabi on its web site for other instructors to use in their class development.  Currently the Committee on LGBT History posts syllabi on many dimensions of LGBT history; LGBT-RAN will post syllabi with religious content.

ONE ARCHIVES NEW WEB SITE--the ONE Archives at the University of Southern California has launched a new web site.

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