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Newsletter #109: March 10, 2014

This month's news:

  1. New on the Web Site
  2. Expanding Profiles Gallery
  3. Record Your Remembrances
  4. Giving A Little Every Month Makes A Difference

1.  New on the Web Site

These persons have been added to the Profiles Gallery over the past month:

With biographical statements on almost 400 leaders of LGBT religious movements around the world, the Profiles Gallery is the most heavily used part of the LGBT-RAN web site.  Everyday 45 or so persons look up someone in the Profiles Gallery.

You can help expand this valuable biographical database by submitting a profile of yourself or another leader of LGBT religious movements. Here is a list of additional persons that could be added to the Profiles Gallery.  You could draft a biographical statement on any these persons as well as recommend other names to be added to this prospective list.

2.  Expanding Profiles Gallery

LGBT-RAN's Profiles Gallery has long been a collection of biographical statements about  leaders of LGBT religious movements around the world. From time to time persons who are profiled or other researchers have sent LGBT-RAN additional historical materials about that person, such as memoirs or other writings, photographs, audio-visual recordings.  LGBT-RAN recently revised the Profiles Gallery to provide space for such "Additional Resources" to be added to the end of a biographical profile.  You can see some examples of this by clicking on one of the following pages and scrolling to the bottom of the profile:

LGBT-RAN now welcomes the submission of additional historical materials to post with profiles.  You may submit this for yourself or someone else posted in the Profiles Gallery. If you have question about whether an item is appropriate to add to a profile or how to do that, contact LGBT-RAN.

3.  Record Your Remembrances

You can assist LGBT-RAN's mission to preserve the history of LGBT religious movements by submitting a "remembrance" of someone in the Profiles Gallery whom you have known. These recollections that detail particular experiences with or observations about an LGBT religious leader from a friend or colleague are most valuable additions to the historical record, particularly when the leader is deceased.  Here is a recently submitted remembrance of Edgar Richards. This is a new remembrance of Richard Smith.  Take some time to peruse the almost 400 entries in the Profiles Gallery and identify any persons whom you have known well.  Then write and submit remembrances of those persons. Contact LGBT-RAN with any questions.

4.  Giving A Little Every Month Makes A Difference

If you want to help LGBT-RAN ensure that our voices and stories are preserved for future generations, consider making a small donation automatically every month in 2014. Giving $10 or $5 is easy for most of us and may seem insignificant--until you stretch that out to happen every month.  LGBT-RAN now receives over $225 a month from sustaining supporters--and wants to double that in 2014.  Your gift is set up to happen automatically every month as a charge on your credit card. And you can stop the monthly giving whenever you choose. You can set up this monthly gift here. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Mark Bowman. Giving a little bit regularly does make a huge difference to preserve our history.

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