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Newsletter #55: October 8th, 2007

This month's news:

  1. Deadline for 2007-08 Religious History Award
  2. LGBT History Month
  3. Sheetz-Willard Dissertation on Presbyterian LGBT History
  4. Rodger Harrison Profile Added

1.  Deadline for 2007-08 Religious History Award

The deadline is almost here for submitting papers to be considered for the 2007-08 LGBT Religious History Award: Friday, October 19th.  This marks the third year that LGBT-RAN has sponsored this award for papers--the only award given for research and writing on LGBT religious history. You can find more details about the award and the guidelines for submissions on our  History Award page.

2.  LGBT History Month

October is recognized by many schools and groups as LGBT History Month. LGBT-RAN coordinator Mark Bowman made a presentation to students, faculty and staff at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, "Sixty Years of LGBT Religious History," on Monday, October 1. Bowman presented stories of early LGBT religious activity from the 1940s to 1960s and demonstrated the wealth of information available on the LGBT-RAN web site. The lively audience response underlined the reality that early LGBT religious history is largely unknown and also that LGBT-RAN's digital resources are a tremendous boon to students and researchers.

If your school or group recognizes LGBT History Month, consider a presentation on LGBT religious history.  Contact Mark Bowman if you would like some assistance in developing such a program.

3.  Sheetz-Willard Dissertation on Presbyterian LGBT History

Julia Sheetz-Willard's Ph.D. dissertation: "Seeking More Light: Contemporary Debate about Homosexuality in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)" was completed this past summer at Temple University. Sheetz-Willard's research is an analytical history of disputes and dialogue about homosexuality in this faith tradition. Dr. Sheetz-Willard is an adjunct instructor and teaching assistant at Temple and has also taught at Lancaster Theological Seminary.  Her dissertation was the second this year (see Dr. Heather White in August newsletter) to address LGBT religious history--a breakthrough in this emerging field of scholarship.

4.  Rodger Harrison Profile Added

A biographical sketch of Rodger Harrison, founder of American Baptists Concerned and early pastor in the Metropolitan Community Church, has been added to LGBT-RAN's Profiles Gallery.  The Profiles Gallery, with almost 200 entries, is the most heavily used part of the LGBT-RAN web site. You can assist LGBT-RAN by suggesting other leaders of LGBT religious movements to be added and/or collecting a new biographical sketch to post--contact Mark Bowman

In addition, LGBT-RAN Advisory Committee member J. Gordon Melton recently interviewed Bishop Robert Clement, founder and priest of the Church of the Beloved Disciple in New York City in the 1970s. This fascinating interview will be posted with the Oral History Project soon.

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