Profile Remembrances

Bishop Michael Francis Augustine Itkin

As Remembered by Winston Leyland

I knew Bishop Itkin very well in the period 1971-1977 and, in fact, had a room in the boarding house where he had a small apartment (on 22nd Street in San Francisco).  I have mixed feelings about him from my memories. On the positive side, I believe that his commitment to gay liberation was authentic and heart-felt and he was involved in many demonstrations for LGBTQ human rights. On the ambivalent side, he certainly was an autocephalous bishop who never seemed to find a spiritual center, even though he did have a genuine spiritual side to him. He could be manipulative and egocentric and would sue at the drop of a hat. His life has ended and I would prefer to remember him for the many positive things he did for gay liberation. ( Winston Leyland was publisher of the Gay Sunshine Journal (1971-1981) and is current publisher of Gay Sunshine Press and Leyland Publications books.)  

April 16, 2012