Profile Remembrances

Rev. Dr. D. Mark Wilson

As Remembered by Cheryl Jackson

I came to know Pastor Mark as first a visitor and eventually a member of McGee Avenue Baptist Church in Berkeley, California. I will always remember him as funny, warm, immensely talented and remarkably intelligent. Having had a love/hate relationship with church in the past, he helped me discover the liberating love of Jesus the Christ and aided me in deciding to be baptized as an adult. I loved that church and truly loved him. When he was outed by a local paper, I was so impressed by his courage and grace under the pressure of a seemingly overwhelming situation. I currently reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where there are mega-churches on every corner, and yet, I haven't found a church or a pastor more inclusive, more committed to love and justice than Pastor Mark. In my heart, he will always be my pastor.

May 12, 2012