Profile Remembrances

Rabbi Allen Bennett

As Remembered by Rosa Montes Goldberg

Well, I am honored to say, not a memory but a "present". Rabbi Bennett will retire from our temple in June 2012, about 6 months from now. We will carry, in our hearts, a piece of our Rabbi, forever. What will I remember most? So many things but, mostly, "justice, justice, justice, shall you pursue." His imprint on our 12 year old daughter, who will bat mitzvah in 11/2012 is undeniable. Theatrical and petite, she is a Lion in the defense of her fellow Human.I just wish he were at her bat, but I think he will be in Israel...... An Honor to have met and shared a few years with Rabbi Bennett. Oh, and since we're on this site, his preference, I don't even think about, honestly. It's private and none of my business. I honestly think, G-d is both masculine and feminine and, we are all also. Shalom.

December 21, 2011