Profile Remembrances

Marsha Stevens-Pino

As Remembered by Nancy Wren

I first met Marsha and was introduced to her music at a concert in Belleville, Ontario, Canada about 10 years ago at the local MCC church named 'Free to Be' her own words no less. She is an inspirational example of STRENGTH, FAITH and A FIRM TRUST IN GOD'S INTENT FOR EACH OF US. I recently had a need to share a happening in my life with her by email...and WOW she answered in less than an hour...whoda thuunk? This very busy person who probably hears from thousands of people took the time to answer me. Marsha's response was not only immediate but a true balm in that moment of pain. she made me feel HEARD AND VALUED. That ability in itself is a gift! She sympathized and shared from her own experience in a way only a good friend would and so I will always consider Marsha just that a good friend. Her life is truly a ministry.And she's not a bad singer either (lol).

June 10, 2012