Profile Remembrances

Rev. Fred Pattison

As Remembered by Ron Johnson

In the 1980's I came to know Fred when I started going to Casa de Cristo Evangelical Church. I was raised a preacher's kid but pretty much walked away from the Lord for many years. One day I saw the listing for the church and decided (divinely directed?) to check it out, and I found home. Sitting under Fred's teaching and pastoring I came back into a close relationship with my Lord. Eventually I became a Shepherd in the church for several years. I am so grateful that Fred preached the gospel and saw firsthand so many people being saved, miracles happening and people being healed. We experienced a great moving of the Holy Spirit and a growing church. I will never forget the praise time and worship team. Fred was not only my pastor but my friend. He and I would have a prayer get together at the church at lunchbreak, we both joined WeightWatchers (the only guys there) and then go to Coco's on Camelback for a big breakfast. I totally trusted Fred with my feelings and I believe he trusted me. The relationship that he and Joe had inspired me so much and what a great example of love. I am so sad to hear that he has passed but equally blessed as I know where he is at. I miss you Fred and will always remember sitting under your preaching and your friendship. It is because of your love for Him that you touched so many people.

July 16, 2012