Profile Remembrances

Rev. Fred Pattison

As Remembered by Lloyd & Bob Peacock

There is no doubt in our minds that we were led to Casa de Cristo Church and Pastor Fred Pattison by God's Spirit. Though we had been a couple for about 20 years, most of those years were spent in a drunken stupor. We quit drinking in January 1988, and of course this left a huge void in our lives, as all of our so-called friends gave up on us. When we were planning our vacation in March of that same year, the name Phoenix came to me, as if I could actually hear a voice telling me we should go to Phoenix. In any case we did go to Phoenix and again God's Spirit led us to Casa, and as we listened to Fred and watched the faces of born again Christians we invited the Lord into our lives. Fred became our friend, teacher and mentor for many years. He and Joseph spent time in Vancouver with us and blessed all they came in contact with. One of the favorite quotes I like to use about Fred is this--he always said: "I am a Christian in spite of Christians." As the Ray Boltz song say's "Thank you Fred, for giving to the Lord." It is because of that we two Canadians are children of the King. We miss you dear friend, but will see you on the streets of gold.

July 17, 2012