Profile Remembrances

Rev. Canon Malcolm Boyd

As Remembered by Margo Martinez

My mother worked for a number of years at Pickfair where Malcolm Boyd was frequently a guest. She recounted to me stories of the charming Malcolm and his visits to the most gracious lady, Mary Pickford. Mama spoke of the beauty and warmth that was so very much the relationship between Malcolm and Mary. Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Malcolm Boyd at the Gay Pride Parade in Long Beach, California. He rode in the parade with St. Luke's Episcopal Church. You can imagine the thrill as I introduced myself and we spoke of my mother whom he remembered fondly as 'a beautiful woman' at Pickfair. Mama has been gone for some time now but I know she was so pleased as she looked down on our meeting that day on Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach. Small world isn't it, with God's hand in every nook and cranny! Thank you Malcolm for taking the time to share with me. A meeting I will always cherish.

August 2, 2012