Profile Remembrances

Rev. Dr. Rodger D. Harrison

As Remembered by Carl Ljungquist

My partner (Gary Conway) and I met Rodger through friends, Bill Dickenson and others, while he was heading the Unitarian Universalist Church in Costa Mesa, California. We attended many of the "pot luck" dinners there. I drove him in our '67 Lincoln Convertible in the first Los Angeles Gay Parade from Gruman's Chinese Theater to Vine Street. Gary rode 'shotgun' and someone sat between us in the front seat. We had the top down with Rodger sitting up on the trunk with his feet resting on the the back seat. There were two other people who sat with him to his left and right but I don't recall their names. We had a curious crowd of onlookers and business owners standing along Hollywood Blvd. who seemed transfixed wondering what the hell was this supposed to be? A Gay Parade?

September 24, 2012