Profile Remembrances

Ernie Reaugh

As Remembered by Rick Huskey

I clearly remember Ernie. What a powerful presence and I felt humbled by his very prophetic language. Looking back I remember being locked in conversation with Ernie, Gene Leggett, and at several times another living prophet Gwen Myers, the vice-president of the United Methodist Youth Council, who presented and represented the general churches' level for youth representation. It was the unanimous vote from this Youth Council which directly caused the beginning conversation in the Church regarding the positive acceptance of gay/lesbian clergy. That request, based in the truth of youth, changed everything and initiated our struggles...and changed the UM Youth Council so that future councils could not be so bold and prophetic about youth's acceptance of LGBTQQ/A church members. Ernie asked Gwen to join our discussion as she was a woman of color, coming-out and with a strong, sweet voice for the Youth Council's petition to the General Conference 1972. Ernie was very correct in all his dealings with his Church.

December 6, 2012