Profile Remembrances

Rev. Sylvia Pennington

As Remembered by Gary

I met Sylvia over the phone when I found her phone number in the back of her book and  phoned her; it was 1988 or 1989. I was so moved and touched after over a decade long struggle with being gay and Christian and trying to be Ex Gay, and her book gave me new hope that I could finally reconcile the two. We spoke several times on the phone and then Sylvia and her assistant Rev. Richard Dalton travelled to my home in Las Vegas where they stayed for about a week. I am uncredited, but I am the one who took the photos of Rev. Sylvia Pennington and Rev. Richard Dalton that are in the back of all her books. We worked on her book "Ex Gays, There Are None," while they visited me and I helped to edit that book. Sylvia was sick during that time and she asked that we keep the air conditioner on an extremely low temperature, which was hard for the rest of us.

I had been through and graduated from the Teen Challenge program in Reheresburg, PA. I was there to not be gay, but I realized after two years of being 100% cloistered that I hadn't changed. While I was at Teen Challenge, I was aware of  David Wilkerson's big crusade to save gays in San Francisco. This was the same crusade that Sylvia volunteered for as a new minister out of bible school. Her connection to Teen Challenge through its founder, David Wilkerson, made her ministry more special to me. David Wilkerson was famous for the book and movie The Cross and The Switchblade.

I have only fond thoughts of Sylvia and Richard.

January 7, 2013