Profile Remembrances

Rev. Dr. Laud Humphreys

As Remembered by Kay Moulton Carlson

I was a teenager in high school in Cripple Creek, Colorado, in the late 1950’s when Father Laud Humphreys was the vicar at St. Andrews Episcopal Church there. He became like a pied piper for many of the teenagers in the area. He instituted a teen canteen in a room under the church and became a strong influence on us. Several of us became confirmed Episcopalians. He was a rabble rouser even then. When the local high school principal was found behaving inappropriately in a parked car with a female high school student, it was Father Humphreys who spearheaded his dismissal. We respected and loved him. He gave me a St. Christopher medal which I have carried in my wallet to this day - 50+ years.  Rest in peace, Father.

January 19, 2013