Profile Remembrances

Canon Clinton Jones

As Remembered by Ken South

I have so many wonderful memories of Canon Jones. I first met him while I was doing a CPE residency at Norwich State Hospital in 1973.  I found out about Project H and used to drive to Hartford for meetings, I had just recently come out after my ordination in the United Church of Christ. I had  read “What About Homosexuality” and wanted to meet Canon Jones. In subsequent years I became very active in the GLBT community in Hartford and Canon Jones and myself did speaking and workshops together. I especially remember the time he hosted one of his elegant suppers to bring together a bunch of gay and straight clergy to meet Jay Deacon, the first pastor of the new UFMCC Hartford Church. When the executive Committee of the National Council of Churches met in Hartford in 1981 to consider the membership of the UFMCC denomination, it was Canon Jones who arranged for us to have in interfaith service in Christ Church. Two services were planned, one in celebration of the vote went in our favor and one as a social justice testimony if the vote failed, which it did. I left Hartford in 1984, but Canon Jones and I exchanged Christmas cards each year until his death. He was one of a handful of men who had an incredible impact on my life.

February 7, 2013