Profile Remembrances

Dr. Diana Swancutt

As Remembered by Todd Johnson

Diana is the first openly gay person I ever had the pleasure of getting to know on a real level. I did so at Yale during the height of the Gene Robinson "scandal" as a relatively new Episcopalian trying to figure out just what the hell was happening with the Anglican communion. Diana helped me figure it out, and did so with the care and kindness of a loving parent. To this day--more than a decade on--I credit Diana as a greater contributor to my personal, intellectual and Christian growth than any other single figure in my life's history. Simply put, she is both a beautiful person, and a beautiful person. I am thankful to have spent several years under her care and advisement at YDS. My life is far richer because of it, and the aperture through which I view the world has been greatly expanded by the years I spent alongside her. Although time and distance have interceded, it is a rare week that I don't reference something I came to understand as a result of Diana's thoughtful and careful instruction. In a world where flighty airheaded princesses and vain, self obsessed celebrities serve as "role models" for young women, Diana is just the sort of lovely, strong, intelligent, engaged woman who, in contradistinction, I would love to see my own 5-year-old daughter emulate.

November 13, 2013