Profile Remembrances

Archbishop Mark Steven Shirilau

As Remembered by Kittredge Cherry

Mark was a proud supporter of  Jesus in Love, which promotes LGBT spirituality and the arts.  I especially remember how he participated in the Queer Nativity Project there by submitting a photo of the gay shepherd couple in his outdoor manger scene. He called it "Adam and Steve, the gay shepherd couple."  He told me that the gay shepherd couple in his photo has been part of his family's Nativity set since before he even knew what a gay couple was. Over the years he gained an extra shepherd and a gay consciousness. The results are reflected in his light-up Christmas lawn ornaments -- updated with energy-efficient light bulbs.  You can see it at this link:

 Although Mark is best known for his LGBT religious leadership, I also remember him for his commitment to solar energy and his love for dogs.  Mark always used to send me the ECC calendar of saints around January every year. Last year he was happy that they added John Boswell. Now Mark is with the saints he loved.

February 8, 2014