Profile Remembrances

Edgar Richards

As Remembered by Samuel T. Ross-Lee

Edgar and I were classmates at Morehouse College.  We were dorm and floor mates our first year there, and shared a major (English) before I switched to Philosophy. I remember the first time I saw Edgar dance.  It was on the stage in the Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse, our first year.  Prior to seeing him on stage, I did not even know he was a dancer.  And he was an AMAZING dancer.

Though we were not close friends, as Morehouse Brothers we relied upon each other.  We worked on English assignments together and I even stayed in his off-campus residence during one of our school breaks while he was away.  Edgar was just one of the gifted artist and students at Morehouse, but he stood out as a kind, compassionate, and curious person as well.  I am proud to call him my Morehouse Brother and Friend. I just learned of his passing tonight.  And learned that he passed in Florida, my home state.  I presently live in Connecticut, his home state.  Rest in Paradise, Edgar!

February 22, 2014