Profile Remembrances

Richard Smith

As Remembered by Steve Brazen

I was in that Catholic high school with Richard (who was affectionately known as Dick or Dickie Dammit).  The high school was actually the minor seminary, St. Edwards, and the teacher that whacked him on the back of the head was named “Chud,” short for Frederick Chudzinski.  I remember thinking that Richard had a lot of “balls” to go off to the Jebbies and effectively start his training all over again.  I had only eight years left!  I haven’t seen him since we bumped into each other at a Campaign for Human Development meeting a long time ago. He still has a great sense of humor and, from the photo, the same sly smile and twinkle in his eye.  Although St. Ed’s is closed now--it is a state park--there will be a golden jubilee celebration in September for the classes of the 70’s and 80’s.

March 4, 2014