Profile Remembrances

Jack Nichols

As Remembered by Stephanie Donald

Jack was a good friend and my mentor. I wrote for him occasionally for Gay Today from 1997 to 2003 when Gay Today ceased publication. His death effected me deeply. After years of seeing the gay civil rights movement fracture into small pieces and lose it's singular momentum toward complete equality I felt I owed it to Jack's memory to start and try to reassemble as many of his original writing staff from Gay Today as I could. As a matter of fact for the last year of his life, Dr. Frank Kameny wrote exclusively for LGBT-Today. We miss him deeply, too.

Jack was an atheist but had a sort of deep inner spirituality about him. He was obsessively curious about everyone's spiritual beliefs. I myself am an ordained Wiccan High Priestess and he would spend hours picking my brain to understand what Wicca was all about. I loaned him books and he read about it and found it fascinating. Before Jack died he left a mostly-finished autobiographical manuscript with author Paul D. Cain that he decided to give up on in favor of Louis Campbell's biography of him. Paul Cain and I are joining forces to try and get this autobiography under the present working title of O Captain! My Captain! The Posthumous Autobiography of Jack Nichols (with a little help from Paul D. Cain and Stephanie Donald) printed sometime this year. Thank you so much for the opportunity to remember Jack. He was an incredible man that I was honored to have known.

January, 2012