Profile Remembrances

Orlando Espín

As Remembered by Adolfo Bassart

Father Espin is always in my thoughts and in my heart. He was my spiritual director in 1974 before leaving for Dominican Republic to continue his ministry as a Jesuit. A few members of the Encuentros Juveniles asked him to perform at St. Michael Parrish to give us a retreat to help us with our personal religious lives. That one day retreat is the reason I have accomplish my career; first it made me see that for me to work for the Kingdom of God, I didn't have to be a (sic) which led me to get a Bachelor Degree in psychology at St. Thomas University. That allowed me to work at Miami Mental Health as a Crisis Counselor with clients with mental health,alcohol and drug addiction. Later I worked work with the Miami Homeless population at Miami downtown "mud flats and Bicentennial Park" which inspired me to seek a masters Degree in Social Work. After graduation I was again to work with the Homeless. After I was hired by Jackson Health System and for the next 7 years worked in their clinic for the Homeless at South Dade Homeless Center known as the HAC then as is today's Chapman's. Afterwords I was transfer to the Roxcy Bolton Rape Treatment Center; where I gave counseling to victims of sexuahave been able to accomplish my professional dreams. As at the present; have started my first class at SEPI in Miami and acquire my second Masters Degree in Pastoral Ministry for Hispanics through Barry University. I have not seen Padre Espin for over 40 years. But he continues to be in my life by those wise words and guidance years ago.

November 3, 2015