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Identifying leaders in religious movements for justice for LGBT persons.

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Imam Daayiee Abdullah

Imam Daayiee Abdullah was born into a family of eight children and raised in Detroit, Michigan, in an educated community into a family that was successful in business as well as community activists. His parents...   Read More

Rev. Paul Abels

The Rev. Paul Abels (1937-1992) was the first openly gay minister with a congregation in a major Christian denomination in America (from New York Times obituary on 3/14/92). Paul was the pastor of the Washington...   Read More

Rev. Arlene Ackerman

Arlene Ackerman became a member of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches in 1974 and was credentialed as clergy in 1977.  Since that time she has pastored small, medium and large...   Read More

Michael Adee

Michael Adee’s life and faith journey has been marked by providence and grace.  The young couple who would become his parents, Larry Adee and Doris Walker, met at a USO dance during World War ll. ...   Read More

Rev. Daniel Adolphson

Rev. Daniel Adolphson is Associate Minister at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is the Development Team Leader and Past Moderator of Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance (formerly...   Read More

Faisal Alam

Faisal Alam is queer-identified Muslim activist of Pakistani descent. Faisal began the first internet-based email discussion group (listserv) for LGBT Muslims in November of 1997 (when he was 19 years old) which...   Read More

Rebecca Anne Allison, M.D.

Becky Allison was born in the little Mississippi Delta town of Greenwood in December of 1946. She completed high school in Greenwood and attended the University of Mississippi, receiving her undergraduate degree...   Read More

Dr. Rebecca T. Alpert

Dr. Rebecca T. Alpert is Professor of Religion and Women's Studies at Temple University. She is a graduate of Barnard College. She was ordained as a rabbi at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 1976...   Read More

Rabbi Dr. Levi Ethan Alter

Rabbi Dr. Levi Ethan Alter is an Orthodox Jewish rabbi. He is the spiritual leader of his congregation of Holocaust survivors and the CEO of a healthcare corporation. His previous professional experiences include...   Read More

Dr. Marcella Althaus-Reid

Dr. Marcella Althaus-Reid was born in 1952 in Rosario, Argentina, to Alberto and Ada Althaus. She studied liberation theology and earned a Bachelor of Theology degree at the renowned Instituto Superior Evangelico de...   Read More

Alison Amyx

Alison Amyx, as Believe Out Loud's senior communications strategist, works diligently to foster healthy, authentic, and challenging conversations on justice for all LGBTQIA people.    Alison was raised...   Read More

Dr. James D. Anderson

James D. Anderson served as national Communications Secretary for Presbyterians for Lesbian & Gay Concerns from 1980-1999, when PLGC merged with the More Light Churches Network to form More Light...   Read More

Rev. Shane Anderson

Shane Anderson was born in Bath, England in 1949 with the name Kenneth Goodenough Jr. His mother and father, Kenneth Sr. and Lillian were involved with the religious organization the Salvation Army, and baptized...   Read More

Rev. Sky Anderson

Sky Anderson was born in 1939 in Lynn, Massachusetts. He was the oldest of five and as such had a great deal of responsibility. The family was a second generation of Scots in the U.S. and the old country...   Read More

Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew

Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew writes, loves, teaches, and urban homesteads in South Minneapolis.  When she’s not chasing her gregarious daughter around the neighborhood or dancing with her partner, she...   Read More

Rev. Dr. Charlie Arehart

The Rev. Elder Dr. Charlie Arehart was born in Kansas City, Missouri, October 23, 1946. He was educated in the Kansas City public school system. He graduated from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1968,...   Read More

John Auer

This autobiographical statement was provided by John Auer in April 2011 when he was asked to share his story and journey as one of the persons honored as a “Leading Voice” by the...   Read More

Rev. James Edward Avery

James Edward Avery was born July 7, 1949 to Robert and Betty Avery and grew up in the small farm town of Mendota, Illinois. During his early school years he studied Latin, played in the band and enjoyed sports. He...   Read More