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Identifying leaders in religious movements for justice for LGBT persons.

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Mary Daly

Mary Daly is one of the leading voices of modern feminist theology and a self-described "radical lesbian feminist." Daly was born October 16, 1928, the only child in a working class Irish Catholic family in...   Read More

Rev. Colleen Darraugh

Colleen Darraugh was born and raised in Canada, around Toronto. She was the first female trombone major at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto where she obtained her Bachelor of Music degree. She was...   Read More

Rev. Judy Davenport

Judy Davenport was born in Cleburne, Texas on May 6, 1942. The only child of a single parent, Judy was raised by her loving maternal grandmother while her mother provided their income as a hairdresser. Judy...   Read More

Virginia West Davidson

Virginia West Davidson, known as Ginny to her family and friends, was born August 28, 1916, in Rochester, New York. Her parents were James H. West and Beatrice K. West. She grew up in Irondequoit along with her older...   Read More

Rev. Frederick Davie

The Rev. Frederick Davie is currently Executive Vice President of Union Theological Seminary in New York City (Union NYC).  In this role he is the seminary’s chief administrative officer and an advisor...   Read More

Rev. Ann B. Day

Baptized in the United Methodist Church, influenced by the Church of the Brethren, and raised in the Southern Presbyterian Church, it is little wonder that the Rev. Ann B. Day found a spiritual home in the...   Read More

Rev. Patricia de Jong

The Rev. Patricia de Jong was born from a long line of Dutch Calvinists, a cloistered community that even continued to hold services in Dutch in her childhood. The community also incorporated the church into the...   Read More

Christian de la Huerta

Christian de la Huerta is the author of the best-selling and critically-acclaimed Coming Out Spiritually. Chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the ten best religion books of 1999, the book was...   Read More

Robert G. De Santis

Robert G. De Santis was born in 1939 in Cold Spring, New York, was raised his first five years in Glenham, and then lived in Beacon, New York, until age 30. He served in the U.S. Air Force and received an...   Read More

F. Jay Deacon

Jay Deacon grew up on the Jersey Shore in a milieu of fundamentalist Christianity and reactionary public attitudes. As a teenager, when not sailing on the Barnegat Bay, he became involved in an Assembly of God...   Read More

Rev. Gregory Dell

The Rev. Gregory Dell became pastor of Broadway United Methodist Church in Chicago in 1995. At the time, approximately 40% of the congregation's members were gay or lesbian. Since the 1980s, he had included...   Read More

Rev. Dr. Rose Mary Denman

The Rev. Dr. Rose Mary Denman was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family living in the small town of Rumford, Rhode Island.  She attended St. Margaret’s parish grade school and Sacred Heart High...   Read More

Luisa Derouen

Luisa Derouen prepared this recounting of her journey in August, 2018.    Through the grace of God, I have had the privilege of ministering among the transgender community since 1999.    I was...   Read More

David-Edward Desmond

In 1966, 26-year-old David-Edward Desmond founded a break-off from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) in Denver, Colorado. The United Order Family of Christ was for young gay men only, ages...   Read More

Swami Dhumavati

Swami Dhumavati was born in England as Lucy Horne. Her family attended a Brethren Church and during school years she attended Anglican services. As a young adult, she traveled and worked around the world. She studied...   Read More

Paul Diederich

Paul Diederich was born on December 5, 1945 in Springfield, Massachusetts.  He grew up in a rather strict Catholic family.  His mother worked in a department store and his father was employed in a...   Read More

Charlotte Doclar

Charlotte Doclar was born in New Orleans on April 2, 1934. She attended the School of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Canal Street, operated by the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSND) for all twelve...   Read More

Karen Doherty

Karen Doherty was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on July 6, 1952. She was baptized at the same church where her father served as an altar boy, and her mother and father were married: St. Genevieve’s in Elmora. Her...   Read More

Stephen Donaldson

Writer and activist Stephen Donaldson was born Robert A. Martin, Jr. on July 27, 1946 in Norfolk, Virginia. The son of a career naval officer, his childhood was spent in numerous seaport cities of the eastern...   Read More

John P. Doner

John Doner founded the first church for gays and lesbians in Latin America, Iglesia de la Comunidad Metropolitana Reconciliación (MCC), in Mexico City in 1981. In 1992 he and the Rev. Dr. Tom Hanks, along...   Read More

Issan Dorsey

Issan Dorsey, founder of the Hartford Street Zen Center in San Francisco, was born Tommy Dorsey in Santa Barbara, California, in 1933. The oldest of ten children in a Catholic family, he contemplated studying for...   Read More

Joseph Doucé

Joseph Doucé, gay Baptist pastor and pyschologist who ran the Centre du Christ Libérateur in Paris, was born into a poor, Catholic peasant family on April 13, 1945, in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. He demonstrated passions...   Read More

Megan Dowdell

Megan Dowdell was born May 12, 1984 in Beverly, Massachusetts. She is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of California San Francisco’s School of...   Read More

Marianne Duddy-Burke

Marianne Duddy-Burke was born just after Christmas 1960 to Eunice (Scullion) and Joseph Duddy in Edgewater, New Jersey, not far from New York City.   Marianne was the oldest of four children in a typical...   Read More

Rev. Lewis Durham

The Rev. Lewis E. Durham was director of the Glide Urban Center in the 1960s from which grew the Council on Religion and the Homosexual and other early gay ministries. Durham’s father was a pastor who worked in...   Read More

Tricia Dykers Koenig

Patricia “Tricia” Dykers Koenig was born in Honolulu in 1954 to Andrew and Nancy Dykers.  Tricia’s parents met while students at Tulane University and married after graduation.  Her...   Read More

Noach Dzmura

Noach Dzmura is a Jewish community leader, teacher, writer, and freelance communications professional. Noach Dzmura identifies as male, but was assigned a female gender identity at birth on March 3rd, 1963 in...   Read More