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Identifying leaders in religious movements for justice for LGBT persons.

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Nickie Valdez

Nickie Valdez, a native of San Antonio, came out in the early 1960’s and has always been inclined to the spiritual aspect of life.  Her early involvement with the LGBT community began in the early...   Read More

Yvo Manuel Vas Dias

Yvo Manuel Vas Dias was born on 11 June 1960 in Amsterdam. He is a transsexual man, a Buddhist with a Portuguese-Jewish background. A student of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and a member of the...   Read More

Anthony Venn-Brown

Anthony Venn-Brown was born in 1951 and raised in a family with a strong Anglican Church background (Anglo-Catholic).  His family were very committed to church life during his early years but as a teenager...   Read More

Dan Vera

Dan Vera is the managing editor of White Crane Journal and a founding director of White Crane Institute. White Crane Institute promotes the study of the role of unconventional or queer sexualities and...   Read More

Aasmund Vik

Aasmund Robert Vik was born April 17, 1947, on a farm in Fyresdal, a remote part of  Telemark, Norway. He was raised in a strict Lutheran village in Setesdal. He studied college at Bø, also in Telemark. During...   Read More

Richard Vincent

Richard Vincent was born January 29, 1924, in Kirksville, Missouri. Growing up and going to school there, he later moved to Los Angeles for a year and then joined the Marine Corps during World War II, serving in...   Read More

Matthew Vines

Matthew Vines is the founder and executive director of The Reformation Project and the author of God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships. He lives in Lenexa,...   Read More

Rev. Rebecca Voelkel

 Rebecca Mary MacKenzie Voelkel was born in 1969 into a very Protestant and very politically-active family. At the time, her father, William R. Voelkel (Bill) was a United Church of Christ minister (the...   Read More