Support LGBT-RAN

As a cooperative venture, the LGBT-RAN will only succeed in reaching its goal to preserve the voices and stories of the LGBT religious movement with the assistance of many volunteers and supporters.

Here are some ways that you can be a part of this momentous project:

  1. Subscribe to our free monthly e-newsletter and stay informed on the progress of the LGBT Religious Archives Network's work in preserving LGBT religious history.
  2. Inform us about records of the LGBT religious movement currently in archives or records that you think should be placed in an archive. Also tell us about researchers working in this area of study.
  3. Volunteer to assist with collecting, organizing and/or describing relevant records. We can provide training and guidance.
  4. Make a financial gift to support the work of the LGBT-RAN online with your credit card. Contributions can also be sent to: LGBT Religious Archives Network, c/o CLGS, 1798 Scenic Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709. Call Project Coordinator Mark Bowman at 773-322-0290 to talk about how to arrange a major or designated gift.  
  5. See list of financial supporters of LGBT-RAN.
  6. Give us any ideas or suggestions that would enhance the LGBT-RAN.